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Putting Supper Back in Suppertime
Call to Reserve: 615-493-4050
Little Fib

Hospitality in High Fidelity

Blackberry cocktail
The name Little Fib comes from the quote that the progression of country music starts with "Three chords and the truth. Five chords and a little fib. Eight chords and an outright lie."
  • Breakfast
  • Mon-Fri 6:30am - 11:00am
    Sat & Sun 6:30 am - 12pm

    Daily 11am-5pm

    Daily 5pm-10pm

  • Bar Hours
  • Daily: 10am-12am
  • Avacado Toast
Big Fib Feast Gather around the table for a family style feast. Serving groups from six to fourteen, customize your meal to create the perfect supper. Dinner includes the choice of a main dish and three sides along with appetizers and desserts. Inquire here or by phone to reserve. Pricing is per person.
Food Lamb